Clicking-Agent v3.83.0.9 Fullpack

ClickingAgent will save you time and efforts by automating traffic simulation on your site. You can choose to configure it only once and then have it automatically launched with Windows, waiting for the Internet connection, clicking your banners with specified show/click ratio and go to sleep again.

Clicking Agent main features

  • Fully automated links processing both for inflating banner (counter) impressions and cliks;
  • Support of all kinds of redirections, including redirections with <META HTTP-EQUIV=”Refresh”…> tag;
  • Processing Java Scripts;
  • The ability to specify click through ratio (CTR);
  • Powerful analyze functions making it possible to process dynamically generated gateway links and forms;
  • Unlimited number of links processed for a single account including static links and dynamically generated links;
  • Automation of sign ups for companies requiring registrations;
  • Forms processing of any complexity. Support for POST and GET methods;
  • Automated processing of cookies for every single impression/click;
  • The ability to specify up to 10,000 different referers for a single banner;
  • Hits distribution graph for a 24-hours period;
  • Remote administration of coount settings using direct connection;
  • Remote account updates using HTTP server;
  • Daily activity report sent to specified e-mail address;
  • Password protection for different program tasks;
  • Hidden mode;
  • Proxy checking and automated name resolving for faster access;
  • Guaranteed connections via different proxies for every account until entire proxy list used;
  • No repetitions of proxy sequences;
  • Fake IP generation for “transparent” proxies;
  • Simulating Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers;

What is not supported by Clicking Agent

  • Some flash, java applet banners or alike;
  • Not all forms can be automatically filled in;
  • If you connect to Internet via local proxy server it is most probable that you cannot use Clicking Agent;

System requirements

  • Windows 98/ME or Windows NT/2000;
  • MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher installed;
  • Intel Pentium processor of at least 333 MHz;
  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB or more recommended);
  • Dial-up networking installed;


Download 1.42MB