Fast tool for removing duplicate lines



A very fast tool for removing duplicate lines from a file without sorting it.

Quick start:

git clone
cd duplicut
./duplicut wordlist.txt -l 255 -o wordlist-output-no-dupe.txt

While building statictically optimized wordlists for password cracking purposes, i have needed to remove all duplicates quickly, even if the wordlist

While creating wordlists of passwords from different sources, i frequently need to remove duplicates quickly, even on huge wordlists, without changing the order.

That is how duplicut was born.

Usage: duplicut [OPTION]... [INFILE] -o [OUTFILE]
Remove duplicate lines from INFILE without sorting.

-o, --outfile <FILE>       Write result to <FILE>
-t, --threads <NUM>        Max threads to use (default max)
-m, --memlimit <VALUE>     Limit max used memory (default max)
-l, --line-max-size <NUM>  Max line size (default 14)
-p, --printable            Filter ascii printable lines
-h, --help                 Display this help and exit
-v, --version              Output version information and exit

Example: duplicut wordlist.txt -o new-wordlist.txt


  • Features:
    • Handle huge wordlists, even those whose size exceeds available RAM.
    • Line max length based filtering (-l option).
    • Ascii printable chars based filtering (-p option).
    • Press any key to get program status.
  • Implementation:
    • Written in pure C code, designed to be fast.
    • Compressed hash map items on 64 bit platforms.
    • [TODO]: Multi threaded application.
    • [TODO]: Uses huge memory pages to increase performance.
  • Limitations:
    • Any line longer than 255 chars is ignored.
    • Heavily tested on Linux x64, mostly untested on other platforms.

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