IG’s Password Recovery Suite


Ivan Golubev’s Password Recovery Suite recovers passwords for:

  • Apple iOS 4.x & 5.x backups;
  • BlackBerry 5.x & 6.x backups;
  • TrueCrypt volumes (limited support);
  • WPA/WPA2 handshakes.

IG's Password Recovery Suite

Main features are:

  • Low level hand written assembler CPU optimizations with all modern intruction sets support (AVX, XOP, AES-NI);
  • Support for wide range of GPUs — NVIDIA and AMD ones;
  • WPA-PMK generator mode can be used to create precompute tables for known SSIDs making further attacks much faster;
  • Several types of attacks supported — brute-force and dictionary based ones;
  • Automated password recovery with predefined/user-defined scenarios;
  • User-defined sets of rules for dictionary attacks;
  • Supports Unicode and ANSI dictionaries.

Download 6.65MB