Intelligent Dictionary Generator v1.5

Intelligent Dictionary Generator creates ‘intelligent’ dictionary files using the password files which are needed to crack. THIS PROGRAM DOESN’T MAKE RANDOM WORDS, thats left to Random Word Generator ;). Ok, here is how it works

This line signifies one of the lines in your passwd file

tetsu:Hu.99rjpZzdf:534:100:Tetsu Khan:/home/tetsu:/bin/csh

tetsu  -> A
Hu.99rjpZzdf  -> B
534 -> C
100 -> D
Tetsu Khan -> E
/home/tetsu -> F
/bin/csh -> G

A – login name, what is typed at the login prompt.
B – ENCRYPTED password field, I will go into more detail later.
C – user ID, a user id of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 is usually a super user.
D – group ID, a group id of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, is usually super user.
E – The name of the user in the “real world”.
F – The users home directory, where he starts off after login.
G – The shell that the user uses.

As shown, each section has its own meaning, the important bit is section E, the name of the user in “real world”. What IDG does is get this part of the file and then use it in a new file in the form of :-


You might be thinking nobody uses their name as their password, but you will be surpised, I have had success with servers with this program. The benefit of this program is that if you have a large password file, you can use the words created in one passwd file to crack another.

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