HMA Proxy Grabber

HMA Proxy Grabber
– Internet Explorer
– save the proxy list
– possibility to chose proxy port(s) (if empty will get latest proxies that were checked)
-choose country
– choose Anonymity level
– choose Speed
– choose Connection time
– choose protocol
– new method for getting proxies, result should be shown correctly for everybody now

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Proxyrama v1.7.4

Proxyrama is a tool for finding and testing proxy servers. it will test them for anonymity, speed, if it’s a gateway proxy, ‘connect’ support (=chainability), socks 4/5 support and geographical location. furthermore, it can be used as a local proxy server that redirects your traffic through a arbitrarily long chain of anonymous proxies and let’s you skip images, multimedia crap, ads, popups etc.

Download + Source 962 kb

EmailDC Dump Cleaner


Анонсируется софт, как утилита для выдирания мыл из дампов баз. Но по сути дела – обычный граббер локальных файлов.  Скорость работы средняя,  хотя для небольших файлов сойдет.

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