Intelligent Dictionary Generator v1.5

Intelligent Dictionary Generator creates ‘intelligent’ dictionary files using the password files which are needed to crack. THIS PROGRAM DOESN’T MAKE RANDOM WORDS, thats left to Random Word Generator ;). Ok, here is how it works

This line signifies one of the lines in your passwd file

tetsu:Hu.99rjpZzdf:534:100:Tetsu Khan:/home/tetsu:/bin/csh

tetsu  -> A
Hu.99rjpZzdf  -> B
534 -> C
100 -> D
Tetsu Khan -> E
/home/tetsu -> F
/bin/csh -> G

A – login name, what is typed at the login prompt.
B – ENCRYPTED password field, I will go into more detail later.
C – user ID, a user id of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 is usually a super user.
D – group ID, a group id of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, is usually super user.
E – The name of the user in the “real world”.
F – The users home directory, where he starts off after login.
G – The shell that the user uses.

As shown, each section has its own meaning, the important bit is section E, the name of the user in “real world”. What IDG does is get this part of the file and then use it in a new file in the form of :-


You might be thinking nobody uses their name as their password, but you will be surpised, I have had success with servers with this program. The benefit of this program is that if you have a large password file, you can use the words created in one passwd file to crack another.

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Ksozes RemDupes v2.0

Remove duplicates by sorting wordlists with an efficient algorithm as QuickSort (n log(n) complexity) then scanning linearly sorted lists collecting dupes indexes (list loaded in a dynamic array) Finally it can save lists skipping the dupes by looking at these index

Download 134 kb

Dict Updater


Программа для слияния файлов словарей
Слияние происходит следующим образом:
Строки (слова) из файла pass.txt добавляются в соответсвующие позиции файла all_pass.txt, повторы исключаются.
Скрипт использует только исходные файлы (не создаёт дополнительных)
и настраеваемый буфер памяти $len_buffer (может работать с большими файлами и при маленьком кол. оперативы)

Исходники на php прилагаются.

Для корректной работы файл all_pass.txt должен быть правильно отсортирован: длинна, затем символ, не содержать непечатуемых символов кроме как \r\n, для конца строки везде используется \r\n – т.е. Два байта!. (К примеру правильно отсортировать можно Раптором) и не содержать в себе повторов (удаляем их им же). Первое слово в словаре обязательно пустая строка, последнее “яяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяя”. После апгрейда словаря файл так же остаётся отсортированным и не содержит повторов, так что это достаточно сделать всего один! раз, потом просто апгрейдить его добавляя новые реалпассы.
Тестовые словари включены в архив. Имена файлов и размер буфера можете поменять и ini-файле. Работает медленно но верно. Не требовательна к оперативке и работает с большими файлами словарей. Всегда можно прервать работу программы (Ctrl+c), не потеряв результатов (т.е. часть работы будет проделана), потом продолжить слияние.

Download cmd win + php source

Dictionnary creater v1.1b

The way it works:
-You may process any files (of a text nature..:) it will selected the   legal Unix passwd and put it in the dico.lst.
-Most files will work (.doc .txt .htm etc..).
-Dicoc will create a temp.dat file, if you are processng a large file  this temp file will become quite big, you may after processing your    input file del temp.dat dicoc will recreate it as it needs it. (it   is used to check for duplicates).
-To the best of my knowledghe there are no file limits to dico.lst…

Download 14 kb

DMerge v1.5

This program will merge the two dictionaries into a new file. it takes the
following input:
Dmerge {1} {2} {out}

{1} is file 1 to be merged
{2} is file 2 to be merged
{out} is the file to write the merged words to.

Download 27 kb

Egoistic Wordlist Generator v2.1

-h                     Stores help information in help.txt
-dist                  Stores current distribution information to ego_21.txt
-i                     Displays quick information about the program
-int                   Runs in interactive mode
-spe                   Runs in special mode(cannot be parametrized…4 now)
-v                     Displays the list while generating
-qv                    Displays quick views of the words while generating
-norm                  Generates wordlists with no pre-post words
-beep:[1…30]         Beep when done
-key                   Stores the authors public pgp key in divideb0.key
-new                   Stores new improvements in whatsnew.txt
-pre:[word]            Adds a word before each element of the list
-post:[word]           Adds a word after each element of the list
-min:[1…30]          Specifies the minimum number of characters in a word
the generator will create in the list
-max:[1…30]          Specifies the maximum number of characters in a word
the generator will create in the list
-file:[filename.ext]   Specifies the name of the wordlist file and it’s
-set:[l,u,n,_,s,e]     Specifies the possible characters for each character
(default -set:l)      in a word; l=lowercase, u=uppercase, n=numeric,
_=whitespace, s=special, e=extended. The sequence in
which the character set parameters are inputted does
-start:[word]          Define a starting word for a wordlist
-end:[word]            Define an ending word for a wordlist

How to use the interactive mode:
The generator asks a series of questions to determine how the wordlist is to be created. The only limitation is that the set of characters will be initialized in the sequence “lun_se”, depending on the user’s selections.

i.e. first come the lowercase characters, then the uppercase etc.

How to use the special mode:
The generator asks a series of questions to determine how a wordlist consisting of words of a fixed length will be generated. There cannot be set a minimum or maximum length of the to be generated words. However, the character
set of each word letter may be preset to any one (or more) of the build-in character sets (l,u,n,_,s,e), or to user inputed characters. A starting and ending word may also be specified.

Limitations – Ranges:
– Range for minimum:                     1-30
– Range for maximum:                     1-30
– Range of characters of <filename>:     1-33
– Range of characters in character set:  1-225
– Range of characters of pre/post words: 1-20

– Character set “l” (lowercase):  abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
– Character set “u” (uppercase):  ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
– Character set “n” (numeric):    0123456789
– Character set “_” (whitespace):
– Character set “s” (special):    `~!@#$%^&*()-_=+\|[{]};:'”,<.>/?
– Character set “e” (extended)

ego_21 -min:1 -max:4 -pre:Mr -post:boy -file:list1.txt
-Creates a list of words from Mraboy…Mrzzzzboy and stores it in list1.txt

ego_21 -min:3 -max:6 -norm -file:list2.txt
-Creates a list of words from aaa…zzzzzz and stores it in list2.txt

ego_21 -min:2 -max:7 -post:lady -file:list3.txt -v
-Creates a list of words from aalady…zzzzzzzlady, stores it in list3.txt and
views the list while generating

ego_21 -min:4 -max:5 -pre:Dr -file:list4.txt -qv -set:lu
-Creates a list of words from Draaaa…DrZZZZZZ, stores it in list4.txt and
shows quick views of the list while generating

ego_21 -min:2 -max:5 -file:list5.txt -start:hh -end:ddddd
-Creates a list of words from hhman…dddddman and stores it in list5.txt

Download 205 kb

Dictionary Maker v1.0

You say you want REAL brute force cracking?  This is the program for you!  Makes dictionary file from lower/uppercase alpha, 0-9, extended ASCII and punchtuation.  Even shows you how much disk space left!

Download 8 kb

AV: HackTool:DOS/Passgen 😀

DictMaker v1.0

DictMaker is a program to simply and quickly create wordlists of set length with random characters (upper case, lower case, and numbers). I can’t really see a huge need for a program like this, as most password files are shadowed now, but hey, if you find it usefull, cool. This could also be used to make passwords for you if you can’t come up with one on your own. I’ve included the source code just to show you how simple it is, or if you want to use it in a *NIX environment.

Download 20 kb