Burp proxy v1.3

Burp proxy v1.3  by PortSwigger

Installation instructions

The burp proxy program is an executable JAR (Java archive) file called burpproxy_v1.3.jar

Burp proxy requires a Java Runtime Environment, and will run on any platform for which a JRE is implemented. It requires Java version 1.4 or later, and it is recommended that the latest available JRE is used. JREs for Windows, Linux and Solaris can be obtained for free from http://java.sun.com/j2se/downloads.html

Burp proxy can be launched using the command “java -jar burpproxy_v1.3.jar”. On some platforms, it can be launched simply by double-clicking on the JAR file.

Note that the default settings of the JRE Virtual Machine may limit the amount of system resources available to the burp proxy process. If burp proxy is to be used for tasks that require large amounts of memory, the VM memory settings should be changed. The file proxy.bat launches burp proxy with up to 256Mb of available memory. This file can be edited to specify a different memory size.


If burp proxy fails to start, or generates the error “Exception in thread main”, check that the correct JRE version has been installed. If so, check that the “java” command is launching the most recent JRE, and not an earlier installed version. If necessary, modify the startup command to contain absolute paths to both the JRE and the JAR file, e.g. “/usr/bin/java -jar /usr/tools/burpproxy_v1.3.jar”.

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Proxy Checker Lite v1.2


Программа для проверки HTTP-прокси и socks5-cерверов (MASM32).

[+] Проверка списка HTTP-прокси/SOCKS5 на валидность по отношению к заданному хосту (ищет в ответе прокси заданную строку)
[+] Многопоточный (до 100 потоков)
[+] Позволяет задать таймауты прокси по чтению и записи
[+] Позволяет задать, сколько байт считывать
[+] Любой разделитель адреса и порта прокси
[+] Продвинутые настройки – задание service_uri, http-referer, cookies, отправляемых данных, метода – GET/POST. С помощью правильного использования этих опций можно настроить чекер как простой кликер или программу для накрутки голосований.
[+] В версии 1.1 – проверка прокси на анонимность
[-] socks4 не поддерживаются!!!

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HMA Proxy Grabber

HMA Proxy Grabber
– Internet Explorer
– save the proxy list
– possibility to chose proxy port(s) (if empty will get latest proxies that were checked)
-choose country
– choose Anonymity level
– choose Speed
– choose Connection time
– choose protocol
– new method for getting proxies, result should be shown correctly for everybody now

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Proxyrama v1.7.4

Proxyrama is a tool for finding and testing proxy servers. it will test them for anonymity, speed, if it’s a gateway proxy, ‘connect’ support (=chainability), socks 4/5 support and geographical location. furthermore, it can be used as a local proxy server that redirects your traffic through a arbitrarily long chain of anonymous proxies and let’s you skip images, multimedia crap, ads, popups etc.

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DPnC v1.0 by fishMD


DP’N’C (Download Parse and Check) – прога качает списки Socks5 проксей и проверяет их.
– Добавление своих серверов для скачивания и RegEx строк для обработки их
– Таймаут сокета
– Время отклика
– Остановка после Х нормальных проксей

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Socks Proxy Checker v1.3.1

This program aimed to check SOCKS / HTTPS proxies.
1) SOCKS Proxy Checker can extract proxy servers from DIFFERENT files. Source file may contain proxy-servers and some other information, for example comments;
2) It works with text and HTML files;
3) Additional features:
– checks for HTTPS, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5 proxies;
– check proxy lists any sizes;
4) Program uses multi-threading: you can check many proxies at the same time.

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