DPnC v1.0 by fishMD


DP’N’C (Download Parse and Check) – прога качает списки Socks5 проксей и проверяет их.
– Добавление своих серверов для скачивания и RegEx строк для обработки их
– Таймаут сокета
– Время отклика
– Остановка после Х нормальных проксей

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Socks Proxy Checker v1.3.1

This program aimed to check SOCKS / HTTPS proxies.
1) SOCKS Proxy Checker can extract proxy servers from DIFFERENT files. Source file may contain proxy-servers and some other information, for example comments;
2) It works with text and HTML files;
3) Additional features:
– checks for HTTPS, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5 proxies;
– check proxy lists any sizes;
4) Program uses multi-threading: you can check many proxies at the same time.

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